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Elmhirst lakes Horncastle Lincolnshire - Reviews

By admin - Posted on 08 August 2011

I have visited a few caravan sites that offer fishing over
the years and I have to say that Elmhirst
Lakes has been the best and
friendliest by far.

My wife and I stayed in one of the lakeside lodges which had
all the amenities I have found at other places I have been to.

The lodge was situated ten yards from the water’s edge which
was ideal for popping back for something to eat or drink .
I felt comfortable
leaving my gear at the waterside while I popped back for lunch. The rules say
that it is reasonable to do just that however a sense of fair play would keep
that to a minimum time

The grounds and pegs are well maintained with steps and
handrails where the bank is steep.                                   There is an
abundance of wildlife within the grounds too, rabbits hopping around and lots
of birds, at one point I had a robin sat on my foot.

The fishing was great and the main lake that contains the
specimen carp is not the usual difficult water that has been hammered to death
by casual day ticket anglers.                                                         

I think the policy of fishing for residents only has paid off here as we
were able to catch regularly quality fish all day with the added chance of a
20lb+ carp.

The roach at this venue are stunning and I can well believe
the boast of a 3.5lb specimen, as between us over the 2 day stay we landed over
a dozen fish over 1lb and the best one close to 2lb.                                         

were not hybrid fish either, I did catch one hybrid so they are around but the
main are pure fin perfect fish.






We did catch a carp each; the best one topping the scales at
17lb and the smaller one at 9lb8oz. The rest of the catch were bream from 1lb
to 3lb + 

These were caught using either 6mm carp pellets on a band or
hair rigged sweet corn to a size 10 hook.

We did see other anglers bringing in large carp and on
chatting with them found that the average fish is around the 14 to 16lb mark. I
chanced to be talking to a regular visitor when he pulled out a lean looking
common that he estimated at around 17lb, this was the largest of the half dozen
he had landed that afternoon.

He kindly allowed me to take a picture of his catch so I
have posted here with my own.                     

There are several other ponds on the complex that I have yet
to explore, these are reputed to be easier to fish and have carp to double
figures. I am very much a pleasure angler with very average ability and was
able to catch consistently on the main lake, so I’m sure will be kept very busy
on the ponds when I try them.

Fishing rules are pretty much as standard with barbless
hooks and unhooking mats required.                        
Bans on nuts but the
rest is pretty much ok as long as you are sensible.  There was a laminated guide in the cabin so
it’s worth a look before you start.

There is also a disinfectant tank for your landing net
before fishing. It must be working as the fish are in top notch disease free
condition; we all like to catch them like that so I would encourage everyone to
make a point of using it.

Overall, the place is a well run and well thought out venue
that I could happily spend a couple of weeks without getting bored.                                                                                                                                  

You won’t have to try too hard to catch fish
so can sit back relax and enjoy the view.

Gary Robinson

May  2011

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