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October at Elmhirst Lakes, an account by Gary Robinson.

By admin - Posted on 19 November 2012

Break at Elmhirst Lakes Horncastle.

It’s been a while since my last visit to Elmhirst lakes and I had been
looking forward to the weekend trip my wife had arranged as a birthday treat.

My past accounts had a lot to live up to and I was not disappointed on
this occasion either.

The air had turned cold over the past week and I feared that the change
in weather may have put the fish off the feed but this was not to be the case.


The last time I fished here I was ledgering with corn and pellet which
worked really well.

This time I decided to fish the margins with a robust margin pole.

The venue is very deep in the margins; I had seven feet depth a few
feet from the bank.


As I was setting up I dropped a few handfuls of 1mm pellets off to one
side of the swim.

Once I had everything set up another handful of pellets went in and I
set my float.

I thought I was taking a bit of a risk fishing the margin as it seemed
that everyone else was launching leads towards the middle of the lake.

It wasn’t long though before the float started to knock around, almost
as if small fish were attacking the bait but then it gently slipped below the

I lifted the pole and the elastic extended as if I had snagged the

I was pretty close to a tree and for a fraction of a second thought I
had snagged a root.

The elastic then shot out and had no choice but to just hang on.

The pole has a 24 elastic and I made a rig with 10lb main and an 8lb
hook link so I was pretty confident that everything would stay together.

This said the fish was a real test for this kit and the adrenalin was
flowing well until the fish finally slid into the net. 

15lb14oz of mirror carp had been tempted on the first cast.

There seems to be a large number of fish in this lake over double

Many of the other places I go to have plenty of fish to double figures
but Elmhirst definitely raises the bar.

The next fish was a bream of 3lb or more followed by three or four more
of similar size.

Another carp then tempted by the paste came to the net this one an
ornamental “ghost” weighing 10lb10oz.

A beautiful fish and in great condition too, as are all the fish here.

The rest of the day was taken up with bream and one more carp of around
8 to 9lb.

Day two was pretty much more of the same with the bream feeding well
and several carp the biggest weighing in at 13lb 8oz but all good doubles.


Alison was not having as much success, which is unusual as she has a
knack of out doing me on most trips.

She decided to have a go at the roach, there are some cracking specimens
at Elmhirst and 2lb+ fish are not uncommon I’m told.

I had a 1lb10oz fish on my last trip and several over 1lb so this will
not be one of those exaggerated claims you often get.

Some liquidised bread for feed and punched slice on the hook brought an
immediate response and a number of 4 oz roach were caught straight away.

As the pole was being unshipped a small roach was left splashing in the
margin. A dark shape appeared underneath and in a flash the roach was gone.

Fortunately the line held and sometime later the deadly predator
dropped into the net.

The pike weighed in at 8lb 8oz. In the scheme of things it may not be a
monster but certainly bigger than any I have caught before so I guess she got
the better of me again!

One of the regular fisherman explained that he had seen a pike of 16lb
caught in the lake earlier in the year.

Perhaps this is why I have not caught any small carp in this lake?

I couldn’t say for sure but I do know that it’s a great venue. It’s
well maintained by very friendly people and one I would like to spend a lot
more time relaxing at.


Gary Robinson October 2012